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Hi Tech Foam Roofing

Roof Before Foaming

Roof After Foaming
A roof before and after being foamed.

What is graveled urethane membrane systems? 

This system is designed strictly for use on commercial flat roof applications. It consists of the same application as above with the exception being the foam is covered with aggregate and the use of elastomeric coatings are limited to areas the aggregate doesn't cover, such as parapet walls, canted areas, and protrusions.

What are waterproof coatings for metal buildings? 

A single component, water based 100% acrylic, latex coating. Ideal for easy application over prefabricated metal roof panels as well as corrugated galvanized sheeting. This flexible system stays cool in sunlight by reflecting 90% of the suns rays significantly reducing air conditioning costs while insuring water-tight integrity

A roof with a serious rust problem!

Roofing Systems

  Hi-Tech Roofing Systems

Spray polyurethane foam & coatings
Waterproofing for metal roof
Waterproofing for metal buildings
Cold storage and freezer Insulation
Consulting and project management

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  Conventional Roofing Systems

Hot tar/built up
Modified bitumen
Shingles (all types)
Custom tile (all types)
Cold process coatings

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